Tyler Tork, Quantum Mechanic

Tyler adjusting the quantums of a light bulb. Quantums are highly technical.

I live in the Minneapolis area with a sweet and strongly opinionated wife, no pets, and several computers. I’m a techie guy to pay for groceries, books, and toys, since writing doesn’t quite cover expenses currently*. I believe in the Oxford comma, as do all right-thinking people. One space between sentences.

My recent book, Doctor Dead, is just out from Rampant Loon Media. My work has also appeared in Tales of the Unanticipated, Stupefying Stories, and the MinnSpec anthology Sky-Tinted Waters, among others. See “Writings” in menu for a full list with links (including some free fiction).

I’m seeking representation. I have other novels. Yes.

* All right, not even remotely.