I keep this page up to date with my opinions of the best choices for inexpensive, secure, WordPress hosting with a decent level of support. The links below are affiliate links, so I get a payment if you buy service from them after following those links. However, I list the companies I honestly think are best.

  • Hostgator.com is highly rated by people know this stuff. Their “Baby” plan (second most basic level of service) lets you host multiple domains for one price.
  • Dreamhost.com also comes highly recommended, and you should consider them as a candidate. They do, however, charge separately for each domain they host.

There are many decent companies out there, and the picture changes over time. I tend to trust the top ten lists posted by PC Magazine. Read reviews.

Bluehost.com provides decent service for a good price, but they’re very pushy on upselling. For instance, when you ask it to install WordPress, they display a progress bar that shows 65% done with installation when you’re actually 100% done. This seems to be an effort to fool customers into thinking that buying their premium themes and services is mandatory. So if you find Bluehost is offering a really good deal and want to go with them, that’s fine; just don’t pull out your wallet once you begin the WordPress installation.

I do not recommend godaddy.com.