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A professional writer needs a polished website.

One that's easy, but inexpensive. One with custom look and features, without paying (or being) a web expert. One that helps you sell, but that you can easily create and manage on your own.

This book shows how to quickly create a website with the features you need: links to social media, a bibliography and book pages with "buy" buttons, mailing list, works great on all screens, and more.

And then it guides you in giving it your personal touch, taking advantage of thousands of free themes you can further customize with your colors and graphics.

All simple, with no coding and a minimum of swearing.

There are other books on this subject that are less expensive. There are none so comprehensive or that are maintained up to date. This is not a cheap "loss leader" for a marketing consultancy, designed to show why you need the author's services. This shows how to do it all yourself.

The prices from the different vendors reflect my costs, such that my profit is about the same no matter how you buy. If you want a digital version only, SmashWords is your least expensive option. For paper, buy direct from CreateSpace. If you want both formats, buy from Amazon, where the e-version is available for $.99 to buyers of the paper edition.

The ebook versions will be kept up to date as the technology changes, so you should be able to get the latest version from the vendor at no additional cost. I can't do the same for paper, of course.

Published: 22 September 2016


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