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Doctor Dead - cover

A steampunk adventure set in 1904 San Francisco. Mad scientists, vampires, infernal devices, undead minions!

The first adventure of Percy and Quincey in the fun and spooky steampunk setting of 1904 San Francisco. In Doctor Dead, the boys take on an insane scientist bent on using Quincey’s very unusual blood to improve his undead minions. The threat escalates until the whole city is in dire peril, and only our heroes know enough to oppose the zombi horde.

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The victim of a dark destiny, I whirl through life with a set of shaky assumptions and a mug of rapidly-cooling java. Bewildered, scattered, querulous (some say curmudgeonly), I nonetheless attempt to entertain and inform. Someday, my alien masters will return for me; meanwhile, I polish my irony skills and sustain myself on squirrels, carrots, and coffee.

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