A picture of Tyler

Tyler is a serious writer.

The victim of a dark destiny, I whirl through life with a set of shaky assumptions and a mug of rapidly-cooling java. Bewildered, scattered, querulous, I nonetheless have managed to complete some novels which haven’t yet sold, and some short fiction which has, including some freebies and a blog where I answer YOUR questions.* Use the “Ask a Question” link, above, to inquire about whatever might be puzzling you.

Someday, my alien masters will return for me; meanwhile, I polish my irony skills and sustain myself on squirrels, carrots, and coffee.

I’m on Facebook and Google+, if you want to connect or follow my ramblings. I sometimes post on the blog of my writing group, also (which is where you’ll find my tutorial on creating an author website in WordPress).

Besides being the HQ of a fabulous writer, this site also hosts the immensely popular rainbarrel page and some other DIY project instructions.

* Answers are not guaranteed to be useful.